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Haslina Hashim carries with her a professional experience more than 10 years in Management & Corporate Human Resource field.

Began her career initially with Sime Darby in 2005 and continued with Boustead Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Motors Malaysia and Worley Parson PLC.

She obtained her Diploma and Bachelor Degree of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from UiTM.

“Success depends on daring to act on dream, I will turn this local Beauty BRAND into a global Beauty empire.”

“I wanted to build this company with the perfect mix of Know-how, Dedication, Persistence, Passion, Family Commitment and a-lot of Free Samples.”

All women and men, I believe, desire to be beautiful, but we refer to it differently in the case of men.

However, to some of us, we failed to understand the limit or extent of what beauty means and I’m extremely concerned that people of today are willing to do or take almost anything to achieve eternal beauty.

Many women will lose their self-confidence if they have even a small pigmentation or mark on their face. In essence, the appearance of our skin can be a good indicator of our health. In communities, I can sense and hear people’s desire to change their appearance and become more beautiful. I’d therefore like to share N THREE BEAUTY with you. I want us all to be beautiful, but I also want us to be safe and healthy. N THREE BEAUTY products are all made with plant extracts.

We conducted extensive research on each product that we introduced to ensure that it is free of harmful parabens and animal derivatives, among other things. It is our goal to achieve a good balance between beauty, health and safety and we want to see more people out there who are healthier and more beautiful.

is our motto"